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Construction, being the biggest steel-consuming industry, uses around 50% of the total steel consumption. From houses to hospitals and skyscrapers, steel is used everywhere in various forms such as TMT bars, binding wires, MS rounds, sheets, flats, pipes, and more. At E-Brique, we offer steels products online, eliminating the need to visit an offline store and wasting time and resources on transportation. We understand structures and their strength requirements which makes us look for the leading steel vendors and connect them to our e-store. As steel and structure seem to be synonymous, we provide our customers with steel sheets and other products as per their requirements for reasonable prices. 

Visit us for:

    • Steel & fabricated structure
    • Colour coated sheets – thickness, colour, brand preference (if any), coating, strength
    • Cold form perlin
    • TMT Bars- thickness, length (straight or bended), brand (if any)
    • Steel Sheets
    • Steel Plates
    • Steel Rods
    • Stainless Steel Pipes
    • MS Pipe
    • Galvanized Iron Pipes
    • Ms hollow section
    • Gp sheets
    • CR sheets
    • Decking sheets
    • MS round and flats
    • Hot rolled structures 
    • Polycarbonate sheets 

Looking for the best-in-class steel for your building structure? Let’s connect