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Structural Design Consultancy

E-Brique provides the best Structural engineering consultancy that includes preparation of reports on the stability of buildings, creation of a design draft with structural calculations, advice to builders, architects and civil engineers on structural engineering. PEMB Detailing

Our best pre-engineered metal building design helps bring the many benefits of PEMBs. PEMB or pre-engineered metal buildings make up over 60% of the low-rise non-residential buildings in developed countries. It has become the most popular and preferred construction for factories, warehouses, churches, institutions, and industrial centers. Their many benefits, like durability, cost-effectiveness, low maintenance, weather resistance, speed, and ease of construction, make them famous worldwide.

E-Brique is the name coming first to the mind of many people wanting to have the best structural design consultancy who provides the services all over the country. We use the most advanced software solutions, like MBS, Tekla, Bentley, and AutoCAD. Our designers and detailers have extensive experience in many international standards to satisfy our clients across the globe. We have the capability, workforce, and technical expertise to handle over 5,000 tons of steel per month.

Our expert pre-engineered metal building design is ideal for structures for airports, stadiums, metro stations, bridges, parking sheds, greenhouses, and industrial plants, among others. We undertake projects of all sizes and shapes to provide the best PEMB detailing and design for all its benefits. Our team of experienced designers, modelers, and detailers will transform the imaginative structure of our clients into reality with innovative designs.

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