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Whether it is a residential space or a commercial one, it is your floors that withstand the most pressure. You might ignore the upper finishes for a while but not the floor. With durability and aesthetics being everyone’s priority, you might be looking for marbles that stand up to the mark, strengthening your walls and floors without burning a hole in your pocket. We offer a complete range of tiles picked from different corners of the globe. Resembling class and craftsmanship, our collection includes granite, stone, marble, and semi-precious tiles suitable for all sizes and sorts of applications. 


While thinking about tiles for a kitchen, it is granite which is most preferred. However, the application is not limited to kitchens only. Granite can be used anywhere from a table top to stairs. Visit us for quality granite stones today. 


With technology taking over and our schedules becoming more hectic than ever, you might feel a need to create an escape at home. Pick from our stone collection and build a corner where you can rest after a draining day. Get in touch with us for durable, heat-resistant stone slabs today. 


Whether you’re looking for wall cladding, borders, front elevations, or other such designing purposes, you can check our e-store for marble slabs available in various sizes. Our marbles are known for their appearance, durability, and wear resistance. Visit our store and pick one as per your needs. 


For people willing to keep it only luxurious and nothing else, semi-precious stone tiles are the perfect choice. They resemble luxury and beauty at the very moment you see them which is the reason behind their popularity in the villa community. Reach us for semi precious stone tiles at the most reasonable price. 

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