About Us

Company Overview

“E-Brique” is a new B2B & B2C Marketplace that provides an online platform to connect construction businesses worldwide. It provides a common platform for the suppliers and buyers of the construction market to connect. It expands the market reach and scope of the suppliers and gives the chance to choose from a variety of dealers to the buyers. “E-Brique '' is a mobile app and website that is designed to provide a common B2B & B2C portal for the Construction Industry. By using the services provided by “E-Brique '' Suppliers of various raw materials, Manufacturers, Architects/Consultants,Engineering services, Warehouse leasers and other end users of this industry can connect with each other. “E-Brique '' can be considered as the Hub of the Construction Industry.

E-Brique” allows users to send queries as per their needs and select from a variety of trusted suppliers. It gives suppliers a chance to increase their customer base and get ratings from them to win better market share. This platform gives perks to the supplier like being shown on top of their categories of product/s, or their advertisements running on the home page, various packages, Buyleads, branding and so on. E-Brique can be considered the market hub of the construction industry.

There is a growing gap between demand and supply in this industry. To reduce the gap between suppliers and end users of this industry, E-Brique has all the solutions needed. By introducing a B2B platform for exchange of all starting to the end services including Architects, real estate dealers, furniture and alot more, E-Brique is here to stand out.

The directors of the company are Sushil jain and Vanshika jain.


Our vision is to be remembered as the innovators and enablers of the global Marketplace for Construction Industry.


Our mission is to build a platform which eliminates barriers of communication in the construction Industry and connect people and businesses effortlessly.


“Entrepreneurship. Boldness. Reputation.Inspire.Quality.Unity. Empathy.”

E We promote entrepreneurial work culture which brings flavours like innovation, quality, trust and code of conduct in the workspace. 

B We at E-Brique consider the value of Boldness and we are always ready to take considered risks and show commitment.

R We aim at creating a company with a Reputation for safety and innovations.

We at E-brique inspire each other to explore ideas that can make the world a better place.

Q We maintain quality of operations by engaging the right people for the right jobs.

U We believe we are the strongest when we work together in a team in unity.

E We believe that there is no greater intelligence than Empathy so E-Brique promotes high commitment and cooperation in the workspace.