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Who we are
Ebrique- One-Stop Solution for PEB Structure Design

E-Brique offers comprehensive solutions to the steel design and detailing needs of a wide array of clientele ranging from fabricators, contractors, designers, and structural engineers. Being a leading steel detailing company, we have the technical expertise and manpower to handle steel detailing for 5,000 tons per month. We are a team of highly trained and experienced Designers, Detailers & Modellers working hard to satisfy our global clientage. We are among the very few holders of the MBS Design Software in the world. Our team has extensive experience in all international standards which helps us satisfy our clients from all around the globe.

Our experienced engineers consider the clear span between bay spacing, bearing points, wind uplift, internal crane system, roof slope, deflection criteria, the weight of fabricated materials, maximum practical size, alive, dead, and collateral loads to design the pre engineered steel building. We create all the PEB system assembly components to act as a system to provide the highest efficiency. Our expert designers offer regular revisions of the PEB structure design as per the actual field conditions to result in improved standardization for the structure’s high performance.

E-Brique is at the forefront of making pre-engineered steel buildings popular to save costs and many construction benefits. We satisfy our clients’ aesthetic and structural requirements, including structural engineers, contractors, fabricators, and designers. We offer all the advantages of the best PEB structure design that include.

  • We are one of the few steel designers to use MBS Design Software and other world-class software solutions for drafting and designing to reduce time and increase the speed of completing the project.
  • We save costs on design manufacturing and site erection by using the systems approach to shape diagrams to follow stress for reducing the weight and load to the foundations.
  • Our expert designers pre-design for future expansion in width and length by adding additional bays

Contact us now to design a pre-engineered steel building capable of enduring even the strongest storms to last long and save costs.

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Structure Design & Detailing

Structural Design & Detailing

Our portfolio includes an array of projects of all sizes, twists, challenges, and complexities. By now, we have designed many exemplary structures ranging from splendidly-designed hospitals to advanced metro stations and look forward to doing more such amazing work. With a team of skilled designers, we are constantly striving to bring world-class structure designs to your fingertips.
Pre engineered steel buildings
Why us?
Our commitment to quality and constant efforts to use innovation for our clients' growth set us apart and make us a reliable name in the industry.

E-brique is run by a team of skilled individuals who are self-motivated and driven professionals committed to bringing something new on the table with each project they deliver. We follow a customer-first approach and use our previous work experience to offer the best-customized solutions to our clients.

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